Hubsan H502S X4 DESIRE (doubts and problems)

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    • Hubsan H502S X4 DESIRE (doubts and problems)

      Hello everyone,
      My name is Luiz and I am from Brazil. I am new to the Drone world, and recently got a Drone Hubsan H502s (from a friend) and I have some questions. Can you help me?

      1)About the quality of the images (appendix), I know it's a basic drone by the price range, but even asism, as I checked with other people who have the same drone, compared to the images, this one of mine is worse, both in video How much photo. I think it should be a little better. (I also have a Visuo XS809 HW HD G Drone that is inferior to Hubsan, but in practice the camera quality is better);

      2)About the FVP, I know that over long distances it is normal to lose sight of the camera, however in my case this is happening early on, for example in less than 20 meters. I use the frequency 5.840 and already tested others that get worse in this case. Since I have arranged to purchase an external control antenna, will this be enough to improve this issue or could this be another different issue?

      3)In the manual I read something related to "connecting" the control to Drone. I know this procedure is already factory ready, but if I remade this connection (according to the procedure mentioned in the manual) would this somehow improve the connection and visualization of fvp?

      4)About the Firmware, how do I check to see if I have the latest versions in both Control and Drone? (The current version that appears on the contourer is "V4.2.13, LCD V1.3.3")

      5)About the battery, can or can not be charged to the socket through a 5v cell phone socket (using the original Hubsan cable)? If so, besides the ideal output voltage and what would be the ideal output current (amperage) for proper battery charging?

      6)I also noticed that the Drone's internal antenna is positioned on one of the housing legs but it is completely internal, being able to see only by disassembling the drone. My other Visuo drone, for example, the antenna wire is positioned outwards and appearing outside. If I do this on Hubsan (leave the sample antenna wire) would it somehow improve the fvp connection or have no effect?
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